Welcome to our Adventure!

We are Andrew, Anne, Jessica and AJ (Andrew John). 

During 2010-2011, we undertook an overland trip from the UK to Australia. Using a 1998 Land Rover Defender 110 300 Tdi County Station Wagon, we also started out with a South African ‘off-road’ 1999 Jurgens Xplorer Expedition Caravan for sleeping arrangements (but the caravan died a death in L’viv, Ukraine – leaving us down to two pop-up tents!).  To see a full list of all entries to our diary, please click here.

We undertook a 2-month shakedown trip during summer 2009, to France, Spain, The Pyrenees, Andorra and Morocco. A journey of approximately 6,000 miles (5,086 by car) to help us acclimatise, get outside our comfort zone and to get used to life on the road with our children and vehicles. Click here for more information.

UK to Australia

Beginning our journey in Cambridgeshire, we left the UK 1st April 2010 and travelled 55,000km (34, 000 miles) by car excluding ferries and airmiles, through 23 countries: – the Netherlands, Belgium (but not really counted as we just put our feet inside the border and drove out again – Andrew’s idea of cheating!), Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, (& back to Romania), Bulgaria, Turkey (north, central and to the east as far as Mount Nemrut), Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Kazakhstan (& back to Russia to see Lake Baikal, Siberia, the ‘Usinsky Tract’ and Tuva – the centre of Asia), Mongolia, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. We ended our trip in Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and Rinca – then back again to Bali), returning home during mid-May 2011 (due to an unexpected health issue arising). We then flew onto Australia from the UK during Nov 2011, a timely celebration of having just spent 25-years together.

We wrote this website primarily as a record for our children as well as ourselves. We hope it is useful to others also – especially those considering similar adventures. We’ve tried to provide as much information as possible on our planning and preparation including the vehicle, route, budget, children’s education, routine, sleeping, food and costs as best as we possibly can.

Some of the website content still needs updating following our trip (updated costs and the benefit of hindsight etc.) – please bear with us.

‘You Can Help!’

During 2008, the childrens author Lauren Child (of Charlie and Lola fame) teamed up with UNESCO in support of its Programme for the Education of Children In Need campaign by creating a special edition of her widely acclaimed book ‘That Pesky Rat’.

We supported Lauren’s work with UNESCO and we were kindly provided permission to use an image of Pesky as our children’s mascot along with a link to UNESCO’s My life is a story website on both our website and vehicle.

Please have a look at www.mylifeisastory.org to see the work that Lauren, Pesky and UNESCO have done to help under privileged children. You can help! – i.e. purchase a copy of Lauren’s special edition book of That Pesky Rat (the Unesco’d version!) to show your support. The book publisher Hachette Children’s Books is supporting both Lauren Child and UNESCO’s My life is a story campaign by donating all profits from the sale of the new edition of That Pesky Rat for a three year term. The book costs £5.99 and is available to purchase direct from places Amazon as well all major high street booksellers.

To find out more about how we supported Pesky, please check out our Fund Raising and Volunteering page.

We hope you enjoy reading about our experiences and that you find it useful.

Thank you for looking!

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